Organisational Change Through Action Learning

Accessible supports and connecting individual learning into a collective are key elements of action learning in the context of organisational development. Three different computing methods were employed to enhance these outcomes:

  1. A drug management web site called DrugNet. (ie this website)
  2. A project management web site.
  3. Use of a network P (Public) as a web site alternative.

 The DrugNet, drug management web site.

This web was tailored to meet the local needs of a large government welfare agency and was installed on their (within) agency Intranet. It provides easily accessible drug information and treatment steps via the department's 1,100 computer terminals. Other key features include: clear learning outcome statements (see Appendix 2; a threaded discussion group which allows workers to place issues or comments about drug use on the web (within the department); mini PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes allowing staff to conduct their own in-house training; and links to a range of other world-wide web sites.

 Project management web site.

This site aims to capture the key elements of worksite strategic plans, issues arising, ongoing management and resources which are developed both locally and centrally. It acts as a strong motivating force within organisations to show achievements across the whole organisation. Workers can easily review the activities and wisdom developed within their own and other worksites, which builds to form both a corporate history and collective wisdom of the organisation.

 Network P (Public) drive.

Where organisations have a well-developed network, strategic plans and other key project management documents were placed on their public network drive. This not only gives workers similar access to project information, but more importantly allows the worksites themselves to enter data directly around progress of their action plans. This information is subsequently put on the project web site.

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