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[PDP Guide]
Organisational Change Through Action Learning:
A Practical Guide to the
Practice Development Drug Management Project

Jon Rose & Katie Gallagher
WA Drug Abuse Strategy Office 1999


The Practice Development Drug Management Project (PDDMP) aims to facilitate the improved management of alcohol and other drug-related issues across a broad range of government and non-government agencies.  In particular, this project has enabled non-AOD specialist agencies to routinely incorporate AOD issues into clinical and other practices as they relate to the agencies core business.

Through the use of Action Learning Methodologies the PDDMP seeks to support professional and organisational development through the creation of a dynamic, questioning and action-orientated workforce.

The sections below are a guide to assist in the development of the PDDMP within organisations. 
Alternatively here to download a complete MS Word 97 version of this booklet (176 KB)

Chapter Headings and Appendices:

Organisational Development

Action learning

Project Management

Drug Management

Cyber Space Supports

Example of a PDP
(PDP = Practice Development Project)

Workshop Key Components


Appendix 1
Example Of Ministry Of Justice (WA, PDDMP) Implementation & Support

Appendix 2
Drug Management Clinical Learning Outcomes

Appendix 3
Practice Development - Worksite Evaluation (What Does Success Look Like ?)

Appendix 4
Review & Planning Next Steps

Appendix 5
Purposeful Conversations

Appendix 6
Complaints To Action

Appendix 7
Coaching Questions

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The distillation of learning on which this resource is based comes primarily from on-the-job experiences in workshops and clinical settings. Therefore, firstly we would like to thank all our workshop participants and clients who have taught us the value of listening.

We would also like to thank Liz Harris (School of Education, Murdoch University) for first alerting the WA Drug Abuse Strategy Office (WADASO) Executive Director, Terry Murphy to this methodology and to Mr Murphy for having the continued vision to see this project through.

Finally, we would sincerely like to thank Michael Prince, the WADASO Action Learning Consultant, for introducing us to some remarkable distinctions, which at first seem so simple, but have proven to be outstanding in transforming our thinking and practice.

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