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Any hyperlinks (identifiable by the arrow pointer  turning to a hand when passed over it - eg may be a picture or underlined text) will take you to a page or site as described by the hyperlink text or picture.

This page may be within DrugNet or it may be an external site on the Internet.
Links in green will take you outside of DrugNet to an external sites in a new window. DrugNet will still be open behind this window (it can be seen on the task bar).If you are accessing DrugNet via an Intranet, you will need Internet access to view these external sites. To return to DrugNet from an external site, close or minimise the window , or click on the task bar.

Navigation Bar & Symbols

The top navigation bar contains DrugNet's nine main subject headings.  When you click on any of these, you will be taken to that heading.  If you click on the DrugNet symbol, you will be taken to the DrugNet Home Page. 

The utilities symbols are located below the subject navigation bar.  Some are also at the bottom of each page.

You can tell which main subject heading or utility you are in this will be highlighted in the same colour as the page title.

Related Sites

The bottom of each page contains related DrugNet pages which are within the same subject heading.  Other internet sites may also be given at the bottom of the page as well as DrugNet pages in other subject headings.


If you click on any of the headings in the contents list, you will go to that section within the current page.

Some of the main heading pages (those on the top navigation bar) contain a choice of either going to a brief description of the linked page or going directly to that page.

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PowerPoint Index of presentations not only provide clinical staff with direct information, but also allow staff to run on line mini training sessions. PowerPoint presentations are identified by 'pp' at the end of a link. 

More instructions are given at the PowerPoint Index. 

DrugNet Discussion will allow staff to discuss drug-related topics of interest. Staff can post subjects of interest on which others can comment, or comment on presented topics, or simply review topics of interest.   Worksite projects and their progress can also be posted for review & comment.   Professional judgement is required when posting articles.  Consider discussion with senior clinical staff first.

The Search function  will give you a list of sites inside DrugNet to click on which will include information specified in your request.  Two additional Internet search features have been included which allows for targeted searching on the world wide web as well as general Internet search functions.

Use the Edit menu and then 'Find on this Page' function to locate text on a particular page.

DrugNet Feedback is provided in every site.  DrugNet contains a combination of new materials with links to other local, national and international web sites. Your feedback will help the continued development of this site.

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DrugNet is constantly updated by Jon Rose.  External review procedures are being developed to ensure the accuracy and currency of this site.


DrugNet was written and designed by Jon Rose and colleagues. 

Special thanks to Mr Terry Murphy and the WA Drug Abuse Strategy Office for providing unwavering commitment and support for this site and to be the first to purchase a license.

Special thanks also to CEIDA, Department of Community Services NSW and  to Department of Human Services Vic for their support.

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