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Coexisting Disorders
April 2001

The pages on coexisting disorders (dual diagnosis) provide systemic and clinical information for drug & mental health workers as well as those who work in other social welfare fields.  In addition to the information created for DrugNet, many useful internet links are provided.

These pages were initially developed in part with a funding contribution from the NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS), initially for use on their Intranet site.


Live Chat Room
Feb 2000

Click here for the DrugNet live, real-time chat re: drug issues. 
This chat room is in addition to the DrugNet discussion group which allows you to post an article, leave it there and in time allow others to read and possibly reply.

To use this chat room, you will need to subscribe to Delphi.com - it's free.


Guest Book
Jan 2000

The DrugNet guest book allows comments to be left for others to read. Click here.

This is in addition to the feedback page which sends comments to the authors of DrugNet.


Justice Treatment
Sept 99
Statutory issues, types of diversion, dealing with involuntary clients, referral & more

Justice Treatment

Statutory Referral Form
Click here to download the MS Word 97 View

See Also

[ Involuntary Client ] [ Involuntary Client pp ]
[ Motivational Interviewing ] [ Motivational Interviewing pp ]
[ Unmotivated, Mandated Clients - Hot Tips from Insoo Kim Berg USA ]


Treatment Guide & Competencies From the Internet
Sept 99

Principles of Drug Treatment (PDF 184 KB}
56 pages of research-based principles & practices - USA

Addiction Counselling Competencies:
The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice

Addiction Technology Transfer Centres
National Curriculum Committee

Click here to download the PDF version (297 KB - 129 pages)

Click on the icon below for Acrobat Reader if required
Click here to download Acrobat Reader if required to read this PDF file [Free]

Action Learning Projects
Aug 99

PDP (Practice Development Project) Guide
Click here to download the MS Word 97 View

Organisational Change Through Action Learning pp
PowerPoint 97 or above required

Action Learning Index (UK)
Internet links to a broad variety of high quality action learning sites

Coaching Web Sites
Links to 47 reviewed coaching web sites & e-mail addresses
Oct 99


Oct 99

Click here for the ADCA calendar of drug related conferences.


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