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DrugNet Overview
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DrugNet Overview

DrugNet has been designed to support professionals working with drug users including non-drug specialists.

This approach calls on government and non-government agencies, as well as others in the community to do what they can to better manage alcohol and other drug use.

DrugNet aims to help specialist and non-specialist clinical staff to do this through assisting in:

bullet Identifying those areas where drug use effects core business of your agency;
bullet Developing stragegies and skills to better manage these areas;
bullet Providing brief clinical interventions as used by non-drug specialists;
bullet Developing partnerships with specialist workers within and outside of your own organisation; and
bullet Supporting professional development


DrugNet Features

DrugNet Site Map An overview of all pages in DrugNet
Search DrugNet Finds DrugNet pages containing your specified words. Also contains links to other search engines to allow general and targeted Internet searches.
DrugNet Discussion Allows staff to initiate (post) and contribute to threaded discussions.
PowerPoint Presentations Provide mini, in-house, education sessions or use for self-education
DrugNet Drug Standards Eleven observable standards or learning outcomes reflect the content of DrugNet and useful for supervisors and clinical staff.  Other nationally recognised clinical and organisational quality assurance standards are also provided.
Drug Links Contains the best of the Internet Drug Directories plus local & national library catelogues and Internet search features
DrugNet News Latest DrugNet additions, events and drug newsletters
DrugNet Instruction & Info Further Instructions & Information about DrugNet

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