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Action Learning Project

Building organisational capacity to manage drug use requires a systemic approach as well as robust organisational development models.  In Western Australia, Action Learning principles have successfully been used in a number of large government organisations to enhance their drug management.  The processes described in the links below were developed for non-drug specialists clinical and managerial staff.   They focus on developing both individual and whole of organisational change and learning. 

Below are some practical guides and examples.

Action Learning and Organisational Change Links


Click here for Practice Development Guide
Click here to download the Word 97 version (176 KB)


Click here  for Key Features of Successful Organisational Development, Professional Development and Improved Productivity (RTF version which downloads as a Word document - 14 KB)


Click here for Organisational Change Through Action Learning pp (208 KB)


Click here for Practice Development Project Overview Document (MoJ - WA) pp (55 KB)



The use of coaching principles and practices can greatly enhance organisational change through a focus on support and development of the individuals which make up the organisation.  These skills can be particularly useful for peer and supervisory supports. 


Coaching presents 46 selected web sites and E-mail addresses for those wishing to explore further...

Related Internet Sites

Action Learning Index
(Links to a broad variety of high quality action learning sites)

Action Learning Course for Managers
(A very readable and comprehensive course)

Action Learning Course
(From an in-depth course at Master's Level  - Click the 'next' at the bottom of the page to continue the course)

Building a Visionary Organisation Article
(Practical, step-by-step instruction for organisational transformation to occur)

Community Action Model
Model from the Commonwealth Community Partnerships program  based on action research methods "Look, Think, Act, Reflect."
PDF version (500 KB) also available


Interactive Site

Legacy Leadership™ Quotient (LLQ)
Interactive leadership skills questionnaire

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