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SA Agencies

Fast Find Agency Listing

Services and Locations (DASC)

Agency Telephone Information

Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS)
13 1340
(Cost of a local call for SA, metro & country callers)

(08) 8274 3333

Click here for more SA telephone help info (from ADCA)

Web Sites

SA Health Commission, Drug and Alcohol Services Council (DASC)

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA)

SA Crime Prevention: Alcohol, Drugs and Crime Working Group

Parent Easy Guides (Parent Support & Resources) eg:
[Teenagers and Drugs ] [ Teenage Parties ] [Peer Pressures ]
[ Child Abuse ] [ Attention Deficit Disorder ] [ Parenting Discussion Forum ]
Above Parent Easy Guides from the Department of Human Services (SA)

Parents Advice on Teenagers & Drugs
From: Child and Youth Health: a division of the Department of Human Services (SA)

Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA)

Outcomes from Australasian Conference on Drug Strategy
held in Adelaide in April 1999

SA Government Agencies

SA Centre for Rural and Remote Health

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