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Community Orientated Drug Management Index

Community orientated interventions occur in two main ways:
  1. Working with an individual (family) and subsequently involving other agencies, services, policies and the wider community
  2. Working directly with services, policies and the community which will subsequently affect individuals and families.

DrugNet offers a straightforward approach essentially based on Action Research Methods with the following steps:

1. Review (assessment/what's happening/strengths & resources , weaknesses & blocks,)

2. Plan

3. Act.

4. Review (what worked, what didn't)

In each of these its useful to consider issues relating to
Drug, Individual (family) and the Environment.


Description of Pages

Community Drug Assessment

Community Drug Management Action Planning

Managing Child Abuse in Households of Substance Users

Local Drug Action Groups


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Community Drug Assessment

Community Drug Management Action Planning

Managing Child Abuse in Households of Substance Users

Local Drug Action Groups

Community Action Model (PDF)

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Description of community orientated page


-Community Drug Assessment-

This checklist of possible community-initiatives is based on the WA Strategy Against Drug Abuse Action Plan 1997-1999. It provides questions on a broad range of community-based options, well ordered under the six headings of Education, Health Services, Community Support Services, Law Enforcement, Community Action and Other Community Service Areas.

Those interested in community development as well as the general thrust of the WA Drug Strategy would benefit from these assessment questions. Consider consulting with your local Community Drug Service Team, Local Drug Action Group and District Crime Prevention/Community Policing Committee when using this document.

-Community Drug Management Action Planning-

This action planning site contains steps of community action, and templates for community-based drug assessment, community drug action planning and review sheets.

These steps and work-sheets should be used in conjunction with the Community Drug Assessment above. The adaptable templates and steps will be useful for those who are about to take action or taking action on community work around drugs (or other) issues.

-Managing Child Abuse in Households of Substance Users-

This site is based on The Emergency Services Child Abuse Prevention Program. It attempts to provide a systemic approach to the assessment and intervention of families where parental substance abuse is an issue.

This is a useful site for those who are interested in systemic approaches to case management. This approach demonstrates a strong link between both individual/family and the development of external agency resources and networks. It is a good example of an individual, family, social, community intervention.

-Local Drug Action Groups-

Information on a system of State sponsored, locally initiated, community based drug interventions.

Helpful for those wanting to access and develop grass roots local action. The project list may also stimulate some community-based ideas.

Community Action Model

Click here for a 5 step Community Action Model based on social justice

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