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Community Drug Assessment

The following community assessment checklist is based on the downloadable file, Together Against Drugs: The WA Strategy Against Drug Abuse Action Plan 1997 - 1999.

In Western Australia, one of the roles of the Community Drug Service Teams is to develop and monitor regional drug management plans based on this strategy.

The WA Drug Abuse Strategy web site contains Regional & Local Statistical Drug Information which may assist planning.

This assessment checklist should be used in conjunction with the intervention, planning and documentation site at Community Drug Management Action Planning.



Health Services
Community Support Services
Law Enforcement
Community Action
Other Community Service Areas

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q Are the schools in your area participating in the School Drug Education Project?

q Are the school P&Cs actively involved in promoting healthy schools including drug management issues?

q What are the schools' policies regarding drug use, truancy, and exclusion from schools?

q Are the social support staff informed about drug use management and referral procedures (e.g. school deputy, psychologist, nurse, chaplain, youth education officer, school based police officers)

q Other


q Do parents receive drug education material as part of the School Drug Education Project?

q Are there regular Drugs In Perspective courses conducted for parents?

q Are parents in your area aware of the Parent Drug Information Service (PDIS)?

q Is drug information and services for parents made available through local drug agencies and other health and welfare agencies? (e.g. GPs, Hospital, and other health and welfare agency waiting areas)

- What services are available for children whose parents are using drugs?

- What services are available for parents whose children are using drugs?

- What services are available for drug using parents?

q Other


q Is there a media management program which aims to provide:

q Good news stories about local drug management

q Feature articles about the hazards of drug use

q Information about not glamorising drug use

q Information about restraint on reporting on volatile substance use which does not identify substances used or dangerous methods of use?

q Other

Work-site drug information

q Does local industry and work-sites have a drug management policy and procedures?

q Have local retailers become Drug Aware businesses (through their LDAG), agreeing to abide by a code of conduct for the sale of alcohol, tobacco and solvents.

q How many pharmacies in your area have joined the Drug Aware Pharmacy Project?

q Other

Professional Drug Information

q Is there regular professional development information and education regarding drug management for professionals in your area?

q What are the drug training resources in your area? (Training resources are available @ Agency Resources)

Drug Users

q Are there any peer support programs?

q Are there any overdose management programs?

q Is there adequate self-help material available?

q Other

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Health Services

General Practitioners and Hospitals

q Do GPs and hospitals have a drug management plan which includes:

q Screening, brief intervention and referral options

q Alternatives to prescribing tranquillisers and anti-depressants

q Inpatient and outpatient detoxification protocol

q Availability of methadone

q Testing of blood-borne viruses for injecting drug users including pre and post-test counselling

q Drug information including self-help material available

q Other

Community Health

q Are Community Health Services actively involved in screening and referral of drug-related problems?

q Provision of outpatient detoxification support services?

q Other

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Community Support Services

q What are the services provided by your local Community Drug Service Team?

q What are the other drug specific services (click agencies) in your local area and what do they provide?

q What are the state-wide drug-related services (click agencies) which are available to you locally?

q Which general health and welfare services in your area are participating in the Practice Development Drug Management Project?

q Which pharmacies are participating in the Drug Aware Pharmacy Project? Do they also supply 'fit packs' and/or dispense Methadone?

q What drug-related services are available for the following groups:

q Aboriginal people?

q Non-English Speaking Background?

q Women?

q Men?

q Youth?

q Elderly?

q What outreach services are available in your area and do they provide drug-related assistance?

q What are the inter-agency case management procedures in your area?

q What are your agencies policies and procedures regarding drug use issues?

q Other

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Law Enforcement

q Do police conduct frequent random breath checks?

q Is there a rapid response service available for those who identify drug related problems?

q Do police patrol licensed premises and stores selling tobacco to enforce the Tobacco Act and the Liquor Licensing Act?

q Are the police and welfare agencies working together to manage intoxication on the street?

q Are the police in your area participating in local diversion programs?

q Other

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Community Action

q Is there a Local Drug Action Group in your area and what are they doing?

q Are there any Community Accords in your area?

q What are the drug management issues your District Crime Prevention / Community Policing Committee are addressing?

q What are the other coordinating committees which might manage drug use issues in your area?

q Have there been any community forums to deal with local, specific drug use issues?

q Other

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Other Community Service Areas

What are the other community resources which may be protective against the amount of and impact of drug use:

q Recreation facilities

q Accommodation facilities

q Employment opportunities

q General counselling services such as relationship counselling

q Self-help groups

q Other

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