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Parent & Child Index

This index is divided into working with parents with drug problems and parents of young people with drug problems. However, the overall approach from either angle will ideally need to involve whole-of-family interventions.

Parents with Drug Problems

Parents of Young People with Drug Problems

Working with a parent or care-giver with an alcohol or other drug problem

Working with parents of young people using alcohol, tobacco & other drugs
Managing child abuse in households of substance users (ESCAPP) Tips for parents on addressing drug use by their child
Risk Assessment Checklist
for Parental Drug Use
Pregnancy and Drug Use
Working With Adolescents with Drug Problems
Collective Wisdom: Group work for parents of children with serious drug problems
(MS Word Document)
Related Internet Sites & Articles

Parents with Drug Problems

Parents of Young People with Drug Problems

Discussion paper; "Child Maltreatment and Substance Abuse"
Parent Easy Guides (Parent Support & Resources) eg:
[Teenagers and Drugs ] [ Teenage Parties ] [Peer Pressures ]
[ Child Abuse ] [ Attention Deficit Disorder ]  
Above Parent Easy Guides from the Department of Human Services (SA)

Family Drug Support
For  Family Drug Support in Australia phone the Family Drug Support 
24hr hotline on 1300 368 186

Substance Abuse and Child Abuse Bibliography
Australian 2002-2005: Some with links to full article

Child Welfare Cases With Substance Abuse Factors A Review of Current Strategies
 USA 2004 - Reviews promising practices re training of child welfare workers, collaboration with key stakeholders & motivation of substance using parents.
PDF 100 kb

Parents can help prevent teen alcohol, drug use
Chapter 5 - Breaking the Cycle: The Substance-Dependent Client as Parent/Caregiver
USA 2000 - Comprehensive review and interventions for drug using parents with at risk children
Blending Perspectives and Building Common Ground: A Report to Congress on Substance Abuse and Child Protection, 1999
USA - This report recommends an emphasis on prevention; new training and protocols for child welfare, court, and other professionals; increased funding for comprehensive treatment; and greater attention to evaluation outcomes.
PDF 855 KB
National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW)
USA - Dedicated web which includes information, resources, PowerPoint presentations, links, free on-line tutorials.
Understanding Substance Abuse and Facilitating Recovery: A Guide for Child Welfare Workers
USA - 2005 A 30 page overview & guide specifically designed for child welfare workers.
PDF 417 KB

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