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Organisational Change Through Action Learning

Appendix 4

Review & Planning Next Steps

Work in pairs but please fill in this worksheet individually. This worksheet is to help you review your learning and plan useful follow up action. Thank you

Name or Symbol


Review Plan

What are the 2 or 3 things which stand out for me from this day and which would be useful in my work? What will I do over the next couple of weeks? Is there anything I need to do to make this happen? (eg. resources, further reading, check with manager or Senior) Who will I talk to about how it’s going? (ie. my support for on-the-job learning)




For What?



This section is aimed to help your learning, having taken action.
Please bring to any further drug management practice development meetings.

Review Action

How Did it go? (to be completed after you’ve tried ‘it’ out - possibly after or with your support person meeting/s)
What did you try?






What Helped?






What Hindered?

What did you learn?






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