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Organisational Change Through Action Learning


Web sites
Project Contact Details

Web sites:

Action Learning Index
(Links to a broad variety of high quality action learning sites)

Action Learning Course for Managers
(A very readable and comprehensive course)

Action Learning Course
(From an in-depth course at Master's Level  - Click the 'next' at the bottom of the page to continue the course)

Community Action Model
Model from the Commonwealth Community Partnerships program  based on action research methods "Look, Think, Act, Reflect."  PDF version (500 KB) also available

Coaching Web Sites

Forty-five coaching web sites and E-mail addresses are provided. While services from these sites are in no way endorsed by DrugNet, the sites have been selected on the basis of interest and quality.


Harris L and Volet S (1997) Developing a Learning Culture in the Workplace, Murdoch University, Murdoch WA.

National Staff Development Committee of the Australian Training Authority (1995) Action Learning Kit

Senge P (1990) The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organisation, Doubleday, New York.



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