Organisational Change Through Action Learning

Appendix 6


~ A Guide To Progressing Complaints Into Action & Transforming Complaints To Requests ~

Three Types of Complaints


For fun, to socialise, little  emotional content attached to the complaint


Primarily emotional component attached to the complaint


Potentially motivated to do something about the complaint


Be social and have fun back, but be wary of negative gossip about other people


Requires listening not  necessarily wanting to act at this stage


See Below...

Possible key questions for ‘complaints to action’ (ie the third box)

o Can you pinpoint the complaint/issue/concern? [facilitate precision]

o If this complaint was solved, how would it look? [reframe in the positive]

o What is important to you about this change/solution? [enhance motivation]

o What are your options? [either a request of someone else or a promise of action to yourself]

If the options are of a poor quality or there are no options, seek ‘exceptions’ to the complaint :

o Have any of the changes you’re looking for (state them) ever happened before?

o Who or What made this happen?

o Could any of these strategies be used in this situation?

o You have expressed a number of options, (state them) which one(s) will you choose to action? [if necessary weigh pros and cons]

o You’ve said this is important to you (state the reasons), how confident are you that you can do this task?

If not confident – What would improve your confidence around this option?.

o Given that this is important to you and you have the confidence to do it, how willing are you to do it? [Importance, confidence and willingness are key components of motivation]

o On a scale of 1 to 10 ..........?

If a low score – What would need to happen to move you up a notch or two on the willingness scale?

o I’d be interested to hear how this goes, when would be a good time to meet? [Follow up]

To provide support, enhanced motivation and further learning through review of helps and hinders to change.


An Alternative Way to Remember

 - A Guide To Progressing Complaints Into Action & Transforming Complaints To Requests –

Pinpoint Pinpoint the complaint/issue/concern – facilitate Precision
Solved What would be different if the complaint was Solved
Importance What is particularly Important to you about this change
Options What Options do you have? (either a request of someone and/or a promise to yourself to take action)
Willingness On a scale from 1 to 10, how Willing are you to carry out this option(s) (Willingness = Confidence + Importance)
Follow-up I would be interested to Follow-up with you about this, when can we meet?

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