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Organisational Change Through Action Learning

Appendix 3

Practice Development - Worksite Evaluation
(What does success look like ?)

NOTE : This checklist is a guide to facilitating effective work place learning & change. It is broken up into some key stages with sub-elements, and is presented as though it is a linear process. In reality it is not so. The notes row can be used to give examples & evidence of success.

1. Initial Entry & Contracting
2. Implementation & Support
3. Maintenance & Handover
4. Follow-up

1. Initial Entry & Contracting - Set up (2-6 weeks)
Have you :
bullet identified reference group, implementation group & other key stakeholders - built effective relationships
bullet discussed : What’s currently happening around AOD issues (what’s working & what needs improving)
bullet clarified their interest in the project & the outcomes they need to achieve success
bullet aligned these outcome with the key Practice Development outcomes
bullet enhanced commitment of key stakeholders & others to the project
bullet negotiated roles and responsibilities (yours & theirs)
bullet clarified who will participate & on what terms (voluntary, compulsory or some mixture of these)
bullet discussed possible project designs (possible activity mix : AOD training, Action Learning follow-up and review/planning)
bullet identified/negotiated for key resource, people needed for the work



2. Implementation & Support (3 - 12 months)
Have you :
bullet Provided a range of formal and informal learning opportunities
bullet Connected with other worksites and implementation groups
bullet Met regularly with the key managers/stakeholders to review progress, revise outcomes & process
bullet Documented ongoing key issues, plans and outcomes
bullet Observed progress toward the agreed outcomes
Have key managers/stakeholders :
bullet expressed satisfaction with the project
bullet described the specific changes/results they are observing - matched to desired outcomes
bullet openly raised questions & concerns as they arise
Have participants :
bullet expressed satisfaction with the project
bullet described the specific changes/results they are observing - matched to desired outcomes
bullet openly raising questions & concerns as they arise



3. Maintenance & Handover
Has/have :
bullet a maintenance/handover strategy been developed to ensure AOD management and Action Learning processes continues
bullet local ‘champions’ been identified and developed
bullet key outcomes (including a comparison to original outcomes) been achieved & signed off by stakeholders
bullet ongoing support mechanisms been agreed to (internal/ external)



4. Follow-up (3 - 6 months follow-up - ie. after initial 12 months or after hand-over)
Has/have :
bullet indicators been identified to show changes and practices are being maintained
bullet other positive outcomes been achieved subsequent to the hand-over
bullet the Action Learning process been used for other domains apart from drug use


Adapted from work by Michael Prince (see Supports)

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