Organisational Change Through Action Learning

Drug Management

Incorporation of drug management skills into the clinical practice staff (see Appendix 2,  for checklist of drug management clinical learning outcomes).

Key areas of development:

  1. All staff to identify the relationship of drug use to their primary role;
  2. Identification (eg. case finding, screening, assessment) of drug-related issues as they apply to the organisation’s core business;
  3. Direct staff management of these issues where appropriate (eg. use of brief intervention techniques, appropriate management of intoxication, etc.);
  4. Referral and shared case management within the organisation; and
  5. Referral and shared case management to specialist agencies outside of the organisation.

Key issues to consider regarding drug management

Role legitimacy.

What is the core business of staff within their various roles? Where does drug use come into those roles? What are the role boundaries of workers in their dealings with drug use issues? Are there agreed role boundaries within this organisation and between this organisation and drug specialist agencies?

 Role adequacy.

Do staff have adequate knowledge and skills to carry out their role in regard to drug management? Are clear competencies outlined as they relate to specific roles (eg. different for clinical staff, counter staff, supervisory staff, etc.)? Can staff demonstrate and explain their use of drug management theoretical models and frameworks, which underpin their clinical practice?

 Role support.

Is there a climate of active learning, which encourages developing and trying new skills, using a growth model of reflective practice? Are learning resources accessible? Is there active peer and line management supervision, which rewards the development of new knowledge, skills and practices? Are their clear policies and procedures, which outline the management of drug use within the organisation?

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